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It’s well known that great customer experience builds loyalty, increases referrals and ultimately raises profits. But have you built that customer service ethos into your organisation’s DNA so you deliver consistently every time?

These days it’s not enough to offer your customer good service at the point of sale – the buying journey has become more complex than that. Since the world went digital potential customers can interact with you in many new ways and you need to ensure they are having a good experience at every point in their journey – that could be browsing the internet, chatting on Facebook, or over the phone.

You’re no longer dealing with a straight line where the customer comes in at A and leaves at Z having bought your product (hopefully) – you are now having relationships in multiple locations with multiple groups of people all over the web and across time – the more people you attract the more complex it becomes. Keeping track of them is vital if you’re to turn interest into sales and make  ongoing relationships into the future.

Introducing Customer Relationship Management – CRM, is a great idea. Make sure the people using the technology are invested in the idea first, then get everyone on board with a straight forward and intuitive CRM system such as Business By Design from SAP.

5 ways CRM will keep track of your growing customer base – it gives you;

  1. A comprehensive view of each customer including a record of all your precious interactions
  2. Up to date status on any orders already in the pipeline
  3. View invoices pending
  4. A record of all previous transactions
  5. Preferences and useful information including what they are saying on social media about your product.

This way whoever picks up the phone will have a 360 degree view of the customer allowing them to offer a bespoke service. There is no need to disappoint – since shared information across departments allows you to see stock levels and gives you the information you need to offer alternatives or to up sell.  Issues are resolved and queries answered more swiftly – improving the customer experience and making customers more likely to refer you to their friends and associates. Happy customers create more leads.

You can use your CRM to gather information and analyse customer data, which in turn will have a positive impact on your business. Here are just 5 of the ways.

  1. Helps you to identify what you are doing right
  2. Shows up areas where you could do better
  3. Helps you to identify needs
  4. Helps you to create new products
  5. Clear reports makes it simpler to create new strategy for the future

We offer a cloud based ERP package – Business By Design which has a fully integrated CRM system. Since it is in the cloud there is no need for hardware on your premises – everything is accessible via the internet.

5 benefits of the cloud

  1. Collaborate with your colleagues
  2. Add new users when you need to
  3. Automatic software updates
  4. Work from anywhere
  5. Faster implementation

Why In Cloud Solutions?

We have years of experience in the field and an in depth knowledge of business software solutions. With experts in supply chain, financials and HR waiting to get to know your business we can get going really swiftly.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and our commitment to you. When we promise, we deliver. So do give me – Caroline, a call 01628 876723  – I can talk you through the options and give you a free no obligation demo. Or visit our website to find out more about the product.