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Build a solid and scalable foundation for growth with SAP Business ByDesign for financial services.
Comply with complex financial regulations worldwide with ease.

Today’s growing Financial Services companies need to be able to scale rapidly but are heavily constrained by stringent financial regulations. Alongside this Investors need to see that the business is built on firm foundations so they can be sure they are getting an accurate view of the company and its potential for returns.

In Cloud Solutions offer expert and speedy implementation leaving you to keep doing what you do best  – running your business.

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Adhere to financial regulations & governance in the UK and the rest of the world – updated for you automatically. Make complex products and services  and ensure consistency of delivery

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Scalable growth

Initiate scalable and controllable growth using meticulous business processes, rapid entry into new markets and new consumer groups, and easy roll out of complex financial products and services.

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See at a glance your key performance indicators. Be able to make quick decisions based on factual and real time data. Perfect analysis of capital, asset , risk and financial performance.

Customer loyalty

Expert CRM system allows you to sell smarter. Keep customers loyal with timely contacts and excellent level of document control and administration.

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SAP Business ByDesign for Financial Services offers:

  • A transparent pricing and licensing model
  • Instant credibility and rapid roll-out
  • Security for investors & regulators
  • Highest level of integrity for accounting functions
  • The ability to trade internationally with confidence
  • Tax and compliance functions as standard for UK and many other countries
  • With real-time analytics
  • Workforce management

To assure your continued growth ,SAP Business ByDesign can give you a unique and personalised customer experience leading to greater customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

Can Fintech Startups Continue To Shake Things Up?

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Financial Services Challenges

Challenge from
high- tech disrupters
Constantly changing
financial regulations
Complex products
Document flow
customer administration

Why SAP Business ByDesign for Financial Services?


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