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Robotics, Cloud-based services, mobile and portal security solutions, manpower legislation and advancements in video analytics all make this sector dynamic and complex.

Today’s Security companies are not only fending off challenges from traditional competitors but also from disruptors and new business models such as Building Automation Systems (BAS) which cut out the humans and operate on software programs alone. It has never been more important to be flexible and agile in order to react to new consumer demands. To do that you must have detailed and accurate insights into your own business which can only be achieved with the real-time analytics afforded by intelligent ERP such as SAP’s Business ByDesign.

What will a specially developed ERP Solution for the Security sector give you? Prices from £30k to £90k depending on the size of your business.

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Financial Insights

Get insights into your most profitable services and customer types – allowing you to create the best combinations of products and services. Keep a tight control on capital expenditure and supplier spending. Create and monitor your own KPI’s.

Attract and retain the right people

Keep good records of licenced operators and their availability and hours worked.  Keep them loyal with timely communications and accurate resource planning

Offer flexible and imaginative deals

Develop new products and services in line with new trends such as DIY home security systems. Identify and price up the new products and services quickly with a swift go to market time line

Simplify complex Billing

Process hundreds of invoices with detailed and optionally automated billing. Intelligent ERP gives you the ability to make incremental gains across all your business – adding up to good profits


Keep compliant with the regulatory authorities – assess the impact of new rules and get evidence to present to policy makers to ensure your business is operating in a fair and competitive environment

SAP Business ByDesign for Security Companies Download PDF.

SAP’s Business ByDesign for Security Companies gives:

  • World Class ERP solution priced for small and midsize companies
  • Gives unbeatable financial overview – reporting as standard
  • Simplifies complex billing
  • Monitor assets and usage continuously in the cloud
  • Manage unexpected events with real-time data
  • Offerscustomers imaginative & flexible deals
  • Ensures compliance with regulations in different countries
  • Accurate & simple resource planning
  • Identifies loyal customers allowing appropriate upselling

SAP Business ByDesign for Security Companies

Challenges to the Security sector

Finding and retaining licensed personal for security work
Developing new and innovative combinations of services
Complex billing for packaged services
Finding and keeping new customers


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