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How do you manage your business in a sector where volumes are increasing but revenue is shrinking?

For Telco companies the ability to bill customers with incremental contract charges is fundamental to the business model. With changing technology and heavy investment needed to constantly evolve your products and services, it is imperative that your business is agile, flexible and able to react to market changes and customer demands. This can only be done if you have real time analytics built in to your business processes. SAP Business ByDesign for Telcos is the most cost effective intelligent ERP solution for your business.

Connectivity is no longer about reach, it is about data usage as well. The internet of things, is about to cause a data explosion and you will need ever more intelligent ERP to process that data to your advantage. We are talking exabytes and zettabytes – you are going to need machine learning for sure.

To win and retain customers involves sophisticated marketing and customer relations – communicating at the right time in the right way. Having a CRM system linked to your finances has become an essential part of the process to allow you to know the exact point at which the customer is profitable, loyal or open to new services ideas.

What will a specially developed ERP Solution for the Telco market give you?  Prices from £30k to £90k depending on size of the organisation.

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Unbeatable financial visibility

Real time analytics gives you valuable reporting capabilities. Get insights into your most profitable services and customer types – allowing you to create the best deals at the right time. Keep a tight control on capex, supplier spending and network duplication whilst continuing to spend to develop product investments in the right areas at the right time.

Customer Engagement

Find and build a loyal customer base with timely and comprehensive business intelligence. Capitalise on new products and services with incremental but lucrative contracts, billing easily with custom made apps. Improve segmentation to isolate specific customer demands

Manage compliance

In a highly regulated industry you need to stay compliant and understand how that compliance affects your business. Cloud ERP allows you to monitor the effects of compliance and legislation effectively so you can collaborate creatively and factually with policy makers – using facts gathered from your business system to ensure a fair environment is maintained for your business.

Simplifies complex Billing

Being able to charge for minute usage, across multiple devices and content, requires a  complex billing solution in order to monitize everything you provide. Intelligent Cloud ERP allows you to develop your own metrics, identifying new revenue streams and good speed to market for new products or services

Acquisition & Partnership

In a fast evolving sector you need to know when to partner and when to acquire businesses – having a 360 degree view of your company’s financial health makes those decisions faster and easier allowing you to make strategic and productive partnerships at just the right moment even in other sectors.


What will Business by Design for Telcos give you?

  • World Class ERP solution priced for small and midsize companies
  • Unbeatable financial overview – reporting as standard
  • Simplifies complex billing
  • Identifies profitable customers allowing appropriate upselling
  • Monitor assets and usage continuously in the cloud
  • Manage unexpected events with real-time data
  • Allows you to offer customers imaginative & flexible deals
  • Ensures compliance with regulations in different countries

Business Challenges for Telcos

Challenges to the Telcos

Rapidly changing products and services
Complex billing
and contracts
Highly regulated sector
Diminishing returns in a saturated market


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