Isn’t it brilliant to be able to say “it’s been a great summer”?  The British & Irish Lions beat Australia in Australia a fantastic feat; then England won the Ashes against Australia here in the UK.  Chris Froome won the Tour de France, Mo Farah won two gold medals at the World Athletic Championships in Moscow.  And let’s not forget Andy Murray won Wimbledon.

There’s also been big money changing hands, whether it’s football players in the transfer window or Vodafone selling its stake in Verizon.

There have probably been other notable achievements over the summer, but relying on brain power alone to remember all that’s happened isn’t very reliable.  Neither is running your business using excel spreadsheets and your memory.

From a business perspective do you know whether it’s been a good summer?  Are your profits up? Which campaign worked best for you? Which product/solution was your top seller?

If you could answer those questions straight off pound to a penny you’re using an ERP system to manage your business.  If you couldn’t answer the questions and use your gut instinct to assess the health of your business then you’re probably in dire need of an ERP system.

Why an ERP system?  Well it unites all the areas of your business, giving you a 360o view of the company, consolidates all the information your business needs and produces reports to give you up to date information on which to base strategic decisions.

Historically ERP systems have been very expensive to implement both financially and from a time standpoint.  Now with the advent of cloud solutions, they are much more cost effective and quicker to deploy.

Solutions such as SAP’s Business ByDesign offer companies the ability to deploy an integrated solution and pay a monthly subscription.  SAP Business ByDesign, developed specifically for the SME market, enables businesses to join up all their customer touch points and thereby deliver excellent customer service.  It enables companies to benefit from a 360o degree view of their business processes through finance, marketing, human resources, procurement, supplier and customer relationship management greatly enhancing their ability to make decisions based on accurate, up to the minute data.

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