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Need to Service Customers more efficiently

It’s time to roll out the red carpet and leave it out!

The customer is king. You ’ve probably heard that statement numerous times before, and for good reason. Customers are your profit centre and deserve the red carpet treatment every time they interact with your company. But, that leaves a long data trail that has to be constantly updated and managed so that every time those customers get in contact with you in the future, they are guaranteed to receive the royal treatment.

CRMThe best of way ensuring that you service customers more efficiently, is by taking control of the way you manage your customer relationships. You see as you grow it is no longer plausible to use manual processes. The answer lies in automating your processes so that vital information can be collated, managed and presented to front line staff and everyone else across the business on a single dashboard and in a simple to understand format.

Customers no longer demand exceptional service, they expect it and if you can’t deliver they will have no problem in taking their business to a competitor who can.

CRM solutions need to do more than manage.

The only problem with automated systems is that traditionally they required a large capital investment and carried additional costs that came from licensing, maintenance and upgrades. However with the advent of cloud computing, top-notch CRM solutions have been taken out of the hands of the big players and put in the hands of small to medium sized businesses.

Based on a pay per use model, these cloud based solutions can now be implemented using a highly affordable subscription based fee model, so now you don’t have to squeeze every last drop out of your IT department to afford them. Incredibly, installation times have also been cut from months to as little as six to eight weeks, meaning that disruptions to daily operations have now also become a thing of the past.

SAP Business ByDesign CRM Starter Packs

With SAP Business ByDesign small to medium-enterprises can implement in as little as two days a CRM solution to integrate their sales, service and marketing, help them to generate demand, manage sales more efficiently, keep track of their activities and service customers more efficiently.

Contact us at In Cloud Solutions Ltd and learn how by implementing SAP Business ByDesign you can save money on your operational and capital costs whilst still enabling your business to run better, grow faster and go farther.

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