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There was a need for something that was a little bit more sophisticated – to deal with the production and the whole thing – the ordering etc. We store the products, take the order and it’s next day delivery – so we’ve got a 24 hour turnaround on the goods – so it’s pretty important that we have the raw materials coming in on time, manufacture them and make sure that we can get them out on time.

Liona Ripley, Jay-Be


Guest bed specialists Jay-Be® have manufacturing roots in Yorkshire going back to 1879. The Jay-Be® brand was first launched in the 1980’s and has an enviable reputation for innovative and desirable furniture. Over the years the company has gained a reputation for manufacturing quality and continually strive to create new lines which are both inventive and functional. Their products are widely stocked in national stores like John Lewis, Tesco and Argos.


After being run as a family business for many years, it was clear the time had come for a major modernisation and overhaul. The company needed a future- proof business system which gave them a clear view of processes across the board. The family wanted to make sure that the computer system ran the business and not the other way round! They chose SAP Business ByDesign.


SAP Business ByDesign gave Jay-Be® the visibility into business processes they had been looking for, along with the flexibility to expand and upgrade at their own pace. This has included expansion into markets in the U.S. and the addition of warehouses overseas – all very straightforward in SAP Business ByDesign which boasts this capability straight out of the box along with the capacity for multiple currencies, shipping overseas and compliance with international regulations.


By choosing SAP Business ByDesign, Jay-Be® have been able to expand seamlessly into new markets.


In Cloud Solutions were able to help Jay-Be to get the most from a great product because of the expertise of our highly experienced team. We welcome the chance to work with manufacturing companies and pride ourselves on the reliability and integrity of our service.


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