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Productivity Problems: Are You Winning?

Last week we took a high level look at how technology can help solve the UK’s productivity problems (read it  here ) – now, with the help of our own manufacturing and supply chain consultant Matt Bedford, we dig a bit deeper into what that means for your business.

Matt says…

“Following the UK Budget in November there has been a great deal of comment on the continued low rate of UK Manufacturing Productivity.  (Effectively the rate of return that we see against the utilisation of resources – labour and capital).

It has been reported that UK manufacturing has largely focused on labour availability to resolve falling productivity whilst those winning the productivity battle are focusing on longer term and technology based answers.

Whatever the prognosis and remedy may be at a national and macro-economic level, sometimes it seems that there is a huge gulf between this and the micro-economic issues confronting SMEs on a day to day basis.

Here at In Cloud Solutions we observe customers following several basic principles that are fundamental within SAP Business ByDesign, (leading cloud based ERP software), that can help tackle the productivity conundrum:

• Use software to design and manage optimal Supply Chain operations for efficiency and control

• Set up production models to help in the efficient planning of materials and resources, and to standardise shop-floor execution.

• Sustain quality – build in Inspection planning and quality control so that they are central to your production and supply operations.

• Record, communicate, Improve.  Use single suite software to capture performance data across the organisation relating to supplier performance, production, quality, order fulfilment in order to drive business improvement”.

Guest Blog
Mat Bedford is an SAP Business ByDesign manufacturing expert and supply chain consultant for In Cloud Solutions. He is one of 30 specialists in SAP Business ByDesign on our team. If you would like to know more about how we can help you, talk to us here.

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