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Small and midsize Professional Services Companies  are turning to Technology to advance their business goals.
Business ByDesign offers end-to-end project to pay scenario in one system that merges operational and financial data. See all your projects clearly in real time

Today’s growing Professional Services companies must deliver consistent quality and high value services to clients. It is a key business requirement to maximise the usage and capacity of your people to bring in revenue. You must have the right talent working on the right project – allowing collaboration and insights across the company. SAP’s Business ByDesign makes this process simple by giving you total and realtime visibility on project phases and costings. It allows your key people to allocate their chargeable time simply and quickly from any device.

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Use the best preconfigured processes built on best practices developed over 40 years to plan projects consistently and efficiently

Utilise project plans as basis for reliable customer proposals

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Continuously monitor project progress against contracts to trigger change orders in time

Foster collaboration between all project stakeholders by providing a single source of truth for all project-relevant information


System-supported billing ensures that customer invoices are sent accurately. Integrated Resource Management helps to find the right resources for the right projects to improve utilisation and maximise profit

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See where your risks, profits, costs and margins are, Mobile Apps for Approvals, Project Tracking, Time-and Expense Recording and Analytics

What Is SAP Business ByDesign For Professional Services?

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SAP Business ByDesign Case Studies

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Key business issues facing ProServe businesses

Standardising services & packaging
Increasing resource utilisation
Automating and integrated processes
Controlling project and contract financials and risks

Why SAP ByDesign for Professional services?

SAP’ s Business ByDesign gives the Professional Services Industry the tools to:

  • See at a glance how to use your best talents
  • Develop blueprint projects with easy collaboration from team members
  • Give more accurate and realistic quotes
  • Ensure accurate time measurements by staff members
  • Never leave chargeable time off the bill
  • Bill clients on time and accurately
  • Identify the most profitable client and projects
  • Link all income and outgoings to the financials and the CRM.

With SAP’s Business ByDesign Professional Services Companies can streamline processes to ensure timely, on-budget and effective execution of projects. This leaves you to able to scale the company efficiently and take advantage of new business areas and international trading.


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