Cloud adoption has just moved into a new era – the era of cloud as mainstream. Nearly 90% of all businesss have now adopted some element of cloud and investment in the cloud is still on the rise. A recent study from SAP and Oxford Economics revealed that 69 percent of businesses expect to make moderate-to-heavy investments in cloud over the next three years.

But as the trend builds and develops companies are also looking to fine tune their cloud strategy and are discovering unexpected and interesting new ways that cloud can help them.

The original cloud proposition offered companies benefits of scale, cost savings and greater flexibility. But now we’re seeing benefits that are unexpected with companies increasingly moving from using the cloud for productivity and efficiency to specific business benefits like innovations in supply chain, manufacturing, professional services, talent management, collaboration and analytics.

The cloud really is growing up.

Cloud based ERP systems have empowered employees by giving them more information and greater visibility. Not only can they become more analytical, it has also freed up time to concentrate on making improvements to all areas of the business.

Ongoing work from Oxford Economics has revealed this transformative impact of the cloud, confirming SAP’s belief that the cloud is far more than a means to lower total cost of ownership; it’s a platform for doing business in entirely new ways.

Rob Glickman, vice president of SAP Cloud and Line of Business Marketing says, “Early cloud adopters are now seeing strong returns on their initial investments, and they can feel satisfied that their strategy of embracing the cloud is now proving to be extremely beneficial to their business.”

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