How Much Does SAP Business ByDesign Cost?

It is a common misconception that SAP is too expensive for all but the biggest companies. For us that is a huge shame because it means hundreds of companies are missing out on the competition busting benefits of affordable cloud ERP.

Software Within Your Budget

SAP Business By Design has been designed from the ground up as a cloud solution for the mid market – which means we have always had you in mind – unlike some other solutions which have often been retrofitted to try and serve the mid market. SAP understand that your company won’t have the resources to run an IT staff which is why Business ByDesign comes as a fixed scope pre-configured system which slots into your business without the need for customisation. We offer versions that are ideally suited to many different lines of business. For example, if you are in Professional Services, the central finance module and the projects module will be ideal for your company. You can open up the functionality you need and off you go. If you need customisation then of course we can do that too – just factor in a little more budget for the work.

Another reason SAP Business ByDesign is such a great choice is because it comes via a cloud based subscription model which means you always know how much it is going to cost and it doesn’t involve fronting up huge amounts of capital. It is a software-as a-service solution delivered on demand and so does not require any additional IT investment.

For those not in the know SAP Business ByDesign allows customers to run their entire business with a single, cloud-based application and is ideally suited for small or quickly growing companies and for subsidiaries of larger corporations.

You don’t need to worry about software system maintenance; all the core services from backup, recovery, and regular upgrades are covered by SAP and included in the monthly fee.

So How Much Does SAP Business ByDesign Cost?

Without further ado. In the first year it will cost in the region of £50-80 thousand for implementation and licenses for 5 users. In subsequent years that looks like £15 thousand for 5 users. That’s a fully integrated ERP suite which runs all your business processes!

With no hidden costs, this open and transparent pricing structure includes hosting on the latest in-memory technology infrastructure, data security, 24/7 support, maintenance, backup and all upgrades. It’s a suite in a box including financials, CRM, project management, procurement and analytics. Get the full suite from the get go- you will not need to change systems as you grow.

Benefits at a glance

  • Licensed as a single and fully integrated suite.
  • SAP Business ByDesign support is included as part of the subscription
  • A SAP Business ByDesign subscription includes access to all new functionality.
  • Embedded analytics – no need to buy additional software

SAP Business By Design represents great value for growing companies of all kinds, whether you are a manufacturer, in professional services, a financial start-up or wholesale and distribution.

I hope this blog has gone some way to setting out the advantages. Do remember when trying to compare prices that many similar software companies do not include areas such as upgrades or support in their headline price and may offer only restricted access to modules rather than the full suite.

Because your data is now based in the cloud you will get regular updates as standard and a typical contract term time is 3 years, but you can set it at 12 months if that is what you need.

Please let us know if we can help you further – give us a call! 01628 876723