We are so proud to announce that we have begun working with clean energy pioneers Bennamann. By turning farmyard waste into green energy this ground breaking company has the potential to make a serious impact on the amount of methane damaging the environment.

Bennamann are creating both a local green energy network in their native Cornwall and generating local jobs from their headquarters near Truro. With external backing in place they now have plans to scale up and offer serious hope in leading the advance on climate change.

You can read all about their amazing story in Forbes magazine here

ERP technology supports clean energy 

To keep pace with its high-growth plans, Bennamann selected InCloud Solutions, to implement SAP Business ByDesign as its ERP software solution. An intelligent digital core will connect business processes and people as the company expands. Starting with finance, Bennamann will be able to track processes as they happen and eventually expand the project to include procurement and other areas as the organization grows.

Bennamann circle clean green energy

Fabulous Facts

  • Bennamann can produce 4,600 kg of methane per hectare of grass.
  • That’s seven and a half thousand litres of petrol from two football pitches.
  • Using fugitive methane to run a gas tractor removes the equivalent of 680 cars off the road annually.
  • Bennamann have plans for a clean fuel electric car charger that can charge a Tesla in an hour

If you think your company could benefit from joined up technology that helps you scale then please feel free to get in touch.