We were fortunate to host SAP’s Business ByDesign supremo Rainer Zinow again this year. We always appreciate the chance to get the very latest roadmap updates live and direct.

He talked to us about the new developments in RPA Robotic Process Automation and the fabulous offer of 6 pre-configured Bots as part of the Business ByDesign package. You can see more on our dedicated RPA page here. Coming soon is also a new library of business scenarios to help you get the most from analytics as well as developments in natural language processing so that your ByDesign system will be even more responsive to your business needs.

The bonus ball from Rainer was 3 top tips to make your ERP project a success.

Follow these top 3 tips from the man who knows.

  1. Go Live after 90 days. Go Live as quickly as possible so you can fix any problems as they arise. The longer you delay the longer it will take to find out where the glitches are.
  2. Take your people with you. Involve as many people as possible and bring them with you. If they have fears then address them and they will become your best advocates. The change management piece can not be avoided so tackle it head on with compassion!
  3. Stick to the Standard – as far as possible stick the to the best practice scenarios which are included in the system – they are there for a reason and are derived from the best practice of thousands of companies similar to you. If you must change things, try to make this the exception.

And don’t forget to clean your data! Prepare your data in good time, start early and save a lot of time – then you can meet your Go-live deadlines and begin to enjoy the rewards of a joined up ERP system.

If you would like to know more about SAP Business ByDesign, how to Go Live without hassle and Intelligent RPA – please feel free to browse the website content or click the contact us button on every page of the website.