Many businesses are obliged by European Law to make monthly intrastat declarations.

Send your data easily and stay effortlessly compliant with this useful addition to Business ByDesign developed by InCloud Solutions.

Support for intrastat declarations was withdrawn by SAP in 2015 so in collaboration with some of our customers, we have built our own intrastat declarations solution fully integrated with SAP Business ByDesign so you can cut out the tedious and time-consuming manual data manipulation.

InCloud Solutions Own Intrastat Declarations Solution

InCloud Solutions has developed our own intrastat declarations solution using the SAP Cloud Application Studio. The solution captures all the required data on the physical movement of goods within the EU from deliveries (inbound, outbound and third party) and invoices (customer and supplier) including service confirmations, as required.

Available on the SAP App Center

Intrastat Benefits & Data


  • Reduce the time it takes to gather Intrastat data

  • Add additional countries at a stroke

  • Flexible: Grows with you

  • Can be easily updated to reflect changing intrastat rules

Data that needs to be reported as part of the intrastat declaration includes:

  • VAT number

  • Whether intra-EU import or export

  • Commodity code

  • The partner Member State

  • Value and quantity of the goods

  • The nature of the transaction, e.g. direct sales, purchases, returns

In addition, there are optional data elements that require reporting depending on the relevant authority which can include, but not limited to: country of origin of arrival, delivery terms, region of origin etc.

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Stay Compliant With In Cloud’s Intrastat Solution

Within a single screen available from the SAP Business ByDesign menu, quickly pull together all the relevant transactions in the month for which you are submitting your declaration.

SAP Business ByDesign - Intrastat Screen

Extract to CSV or XML for review and with built-in support for a number of country specific formats you can upload directly to the relevant statistical authorities.

Our InCloud Solutions proprietary software is built from the ground up which means you can easily…

• Add additional export formats for different authorities
• Add specific formats for your own internal use
• Capture only relevant data and export only those matching the analysis filters
• No need to purchase another solution if growth pushes you over the reporting threshold and you need to add an additional EU country
• Easily change analysis filters and dramatically reduced the time it takes to collect and organise your system data

Brexit Update

In Cloud’s Intrastat solution for SAP Business ByDesign supports you in meeting all your intrastat reporting requirements for Great Britain and Northern Ireland post Brexit. Please click here for more details on your Intrastat obligations.

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