Hi! My guest this time is so inspiring I couldn’t wait to bring this episode to you. Hear us get excited by the magic of data and the message that, “nothing is impossible anymore!”

You can go from disruption straight to opportunity!

Timo Elliott is the innovation evangelist for tech giant SAP, with a passion for analytics and Artifical Intelligence. In this episode he brings us the good news about the benefits of great technology for business of all sizes but in particular SMEs. What makes Timo such a good listen is that he always backs up his ideas with real life business examples.

So when he says, “you no longer need to be a big company to have big ideas” – we listen. For Timo, cloud technology is heralding a golden age for SMEs with our ability to move quickly and seize opportunities. So have a listen and get on board!

PLUS – if you want to see and even use Timo’s sharp, funny, cartoons for yourself then visit his website here.