Two thirds of your workforce is disengaged – can you afford to do nothing?

This is the stark warning from my guest on the Growth Business podcast today, Andrew Sherman, who has written a book warning business leaders of the stark reality out there – your employees may well hate you!

So what can we do about it and how can we build an atmosphere of trust and good leadership? Listen in to hear more by clicking on the player below and use the buttons to subscribe so you never miss an episode…

If you want to hear more from Andrew you can get his book – The Crisis of Disengagement: How apathy, complacency and selfishness are destroying today’s workplace on Amazon. In total he has written 27 books – count em and has a Wiki page here .

I’m your host Lucy Thorpe and I’ll be dropping more of these chats monthly to help business leaders think through some of the key issues facing business today including leadership – employee engagement, new technology and social media.

In my day job I help spread the word about SAP Business ByDesign as the head of content and social media at InCloud Solutions. See you next time!