Key ERP Functions

When making the business case for ERP, senior executive buy-in is very important. You need both the resources and the will at the top of the organisation to make it happen. It is a good idea to start by outlining all the relevant ERP business functions you will need along with the reasons why they will benefit your business.

It is also worth noting that the ERP landscape is changing and everyone is talking about how they would like to automate, simplify, and streamline processes across functional areas – now you have the chance to make this a reality.

Here are 7 of the top ERP functions to look out for.

Finance and Accounting

Finance is at the heart of everything you do and making that process simpler and more transparent is a central goal.

An ERP system can help you gain greater control over nearly every aspect of your financial operations. You can organize your financial information in one place, carry our processes that were formerly manual in a streamlined and automated fashion and cut the risk of human error. The result will be increased accuracy and productivity.

KEY POINTS Replace legacy systems, excel docs and paper with a modern, integrated system. Automate repetitive processes.

Caring for Customers

High levels of customer service are now expected and a seamless experience is a priority. You need a system that will provide insights into customers which can be accessed across departments.

KEY POINTS  If you need an e-commerce solution make sure you select something that integrates with your ERP and feeds data back into your central platform, where you can use it to make important decisions and develop new campaigns.

Supply Chain

For manufacturing companies you need real-time visibility into every aspect of your supply chain. Keep close control of materials, inventory and assembly with one integrated system. This enables you to streamline your manufacturing processes with full visibility of current inventory levels, purchasing data, accounts payable as well as avoiding stock outs with automatic warnings.

KEY POINTS An ERP system makes it easier to adjust between countries where there are different currencies and laws.

Order Processing

If your business sells goods of any type, you need an ERP platform that will help team members manage inventory, shipping, and other order fulfillment tasks. It will streamline your order management process by allowing the flow of data between different departments.

KEY POINTS Workflow in this area might involve; Initial order entry, Credit checking, Product shipping, Sales analysis, Sales reporting

Your People

Automate time consuming admin tasks to free up staff for more valuable and interesting activities. Think about whether your vendor is offering advanced mobile ERP to make life easier for teams to work from wherever they choose.

KEY POINTS ERP can help with time sheets, utilisation and resource allocation as well as employee evaluations.


Keep track of your projects and you will not leave profits on the table. Resource allocation and project expenditure can be tracked alongside tasks and progress towards your goals.

KEY POINTS ERP stores all the information in one place so that you; see the overall picture, track project KPIs including costs, create reports.


With customer data stored inside your ERP you can tie all activities back to your customers. Employees can access all the information they need on each account in seconds, including contacts, order history, and prospect status. Integrate your sales and marketing efforts without bouncing between systems.

KEY POINTS ERP allows you to raise purchase orders, create payment reminders and follow up on sales prospects, all in one place.

WARNING Beware of automating bad processes. Find a vendor or partner who you can trust as an advisor and talk to them about the most efficient way of doing things.

OPPORTUNITY ERP is no longer a system of record, it is a system of change so feel free to get excited about the possibilities your new system could bring you. Above all, try not to think of it as an IT project but a strategic business initiative which top level management can get behind.

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“we wanted everyone to have fun, to muck in and try and enjoy ourselves. It was more than a project – it was a business change journey.”

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