My guest this month is a leading tech player, change agent and one of the first people to break the disability glass ceiling to become an executive and a leader. David Dame is head of accessibility at Microsoft – born with cerebral palsy his parents were advised to put him in an institution. Luckily they didn’t listen and their tough love has helped shape the leader he is today.

David’s strengths are extensive and his experience of living in an environment that doesn’t meet his needs has made him a powerful advocate for many groups, including those outside his immediate experience of disability; like the elderly, those with hidden disabilities and stressed mental health. What’s brilliant for us, is that in his role at Microsoft David is in a position to do something about it.

Listen in as we talk about the invisible tax people with a disability must pay as they struggle to use technology, how leadership needs to change to accommodate the needs of the post-covid workforce and the issues around caring for today’s valuable knowledge workers.

You can find our more about Dave on his website here which includes a link to his Ted Talk.