Company Culture – what it is and how to change it.

In a world dominated by data, today we’re talking about things you can’t put in a spreadsheet – namely company culture – what it is and how to shift it.

For those who think it’s a soft topic I have news. Company culture is now measured by investors, it’s a key factor in attracting talent and it wins the best clients.

Every company has one, but it’s not always healthy. That’s why I’m talking to Kirsty Bashforth who wrote her book Culture Shift – a step by step guide, for anyone looking to bring about healthy and lasting change. She is experienced in working with companies who want to change and her 24 years at BP didn’t hurt, when she was tasked with organising cultural change in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

There’s a link to her book here

Culture Shift – a practical guide to managing organisational culture

Now – without further ado here’s Kirsty and 25 minutes of conversation anyone running a company can not afford to ignore.

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