This post comes about as a follow up to a question we received on how to create a custom data source to report on output documents. Always happy to oblige with answers!

The original post,  “Checking e-mail output errors in SAP Business ByDesign” explained how to find the email outputs and locate any errors along with the descriptions, via the “Email and Fax Queues” view in the “Application and User Management” work centre.

We then received a very good question about reporting on the document outputs. Unfortunately there is no data source available as standard. However all is not lost.

If you have Cloud Application Studio then it is possible to create a custom data source to give you this information in a reportable format and Paul will take you through this now.

How to Create a Custom Data Source to report on Output Documents

Once you have created your solution in Cloud Application Studio, create a new data source with the following details:

Data Source Definition

Give your data source an appropriate name and click next.

You can then select all the available fields:

Data Source Fields

Then just follow through the rest of the wizard and finally activate your data source.

If you then go into your development tenant and go to the “Data Sources” view in the “Business Analytics” work centre, you can then search for the name of the data source you can then preview it and see all the output documents that have been created as shown in the screen shot below:

Data Source Screenshot

Thank you for your time. Do keep asking questions on how to get the most from SAP Business ByDesign and we will try to help.