SAP Business ByDesign supports a process called “Consumption to Cost Centre” which allows you to issue or receive stock into a logistics area and assign the costs of this transaction to a particular cost centre.  An example of using this would be moving a box of consumable items, such as gloves, into a production area by booking the whole box off stock.

As standard this is a manual process within SAP Business ByDesign which works really well when you only need to update one or two items at a time, however if you have a lot of items to process in one go it can be very time consuming and prone to error.

In order to ease this situation we have developed a new uploader to allow you to mass create consumption to cost centre transactions by using a very simple Excel template:

After saving this Excel file as XML data (a save as type option in Excel), we then use the standard File Input process provided within SAP Business ByDesign to process this file and create the relevant consumption to cost centre transactions based on the data entered into the template:

The result is a streamlined method of creating multiple consumption to cost centre transactions.

You can find out more when you contact us here and shortly on the SAP Store