How to deal with Email Output Errors in SAP Business ByDesign

As a standard feature SAP Business ByDesign allows you to configure the system to automatically send documents, such as purchase orders or customer invoices, via email directly to nominated contacts at your suppliers or customers.

However, with the best will in the world sometimes email delivery fails for any number of reasons, ranging from the simple typo in the email address to an infrastructure issue.

If this occurs it is useful to know the root cause of the delivery failure and here we describe how you can check this for yourself in ByDesign.

First, go to the Application and User Management work centre and choose the option “E-Mail and Fax Queues”

Click the ‘Advanced’ search filter, set the date range you want to search and set the output status to “Error” and then click GO

You will see a list of any errors in output documents along with a description of the error, e.g. recipient not found (wrong email address)

As you can see SAP provide their Business ByDesign users useful tools to determine the causes of problems or errors in business document outputs and can save you a lot of time and potential lost business by being able to fix these errors yourself.