Bob Atkinson

Managing Director

After a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brunel University, I was fortunate enough to walk straight into tech giant SAP and have been involved with business software ever since.

I never get bored working with software and love to plan the implementation stage. With good planning, nowadays I am confident it can be done successfully in about 8 weeks.  I am proud of the integrity of our team here at InCloud Solutions – we can tell you upfront how the implementation journey will look, helping to make sure there are no interruptions in normal business routines. Once you have the system installed we stay with you to make sure you get the most from it and you will never have to worry about an up date again.

Successful businesses are made by good decision making and SAP’s Business ByDesign gives you a single version of the truth across all the disciplines in the company, leaving you able to take decisions and amend strategy based on fact and knowing that processes are at their optimum.

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