Caroline Atkinson

Owner and Director

I started life as a programmer for a large tech company.  It didn’t take long to realise that I was much better at dealing with clients and helping them solve business processing issues using the software we were producing. I worked for SAP for most of my career so I have had experience of selling and implementing ERP Systems pretty much across the board in terms of company type. It’s important for me to have had that introduction to the technical side of software as it means I understand fully how the system works and how to maximise its potential.

I think my success with Business ByDesign comes from understanding how companies can really benefit from digitalisation, how it makes you more efficient and most importantly how it makes companies more secure due to knowing the information you have is both accurate and comprehensive. So often companies expand quickly but information develops in silos, making it hard to make decisions based on all the information. With Business ByDesign you can see at a glance stock levels, pending orders, cash flow, project management and manufacturing costs, giving you the big picture and allowing you to make good decisions.

When we started the business, we knew we wanted to be successful but it had to be based on excellent customer service, integrity and delivering on promises. That’s why we have continued to keep our customers happy by never leaving them in the lurch.

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