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Improving Delivery: How InCloud Solutions helped Telecoms Company Iris
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  • Company
    IRIS Service Delivery UK

  • Location
    Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

  • Industry

  • Services
    Delivering Telecommunications services throughout the UK across Mobile, Fixed and Optical Networks.

  • Employees 180 including contractors

  • Annual Revenue £15 million

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“We had been inefficient but InCloud Solutions worked with us so we could learn
how to do the basic things well. My experience of working with InCloud Solutions has been really really positive.”

Kirsty Williford, Head of Finance, Iris


IRIS Service Delivery UK are key players in the roll-out of cutting-edge technology across the Telecoms sector. Ultimately owned by Nokia, they upgrade and service base stations on behalf of all the major telecoms networks.


IRIS Service Delivery UK is one of a group of companies carrying out similar work across Europe. Most are already using SAP Business ByDesign, including IRIS UK, but when Finance Manager Kirsty Williford took up her post she found she was having difficulty getting access to the business information she needed and in the format she wanted it in. The way they did things in one part of Europe did not necessarily fit with how she wanted it in the UK. For example; reports were being shown site by site, instead of on the more useful project by project basis, making it hard to get a clear view of operations. What’s more, all approvals were being channelled through just one person who was spending all weekend trying to match up the right invoices to the right Project Manager, leading to bottle necks, a great deal of extra work and a lack of ownership at the Project Manager level. It was clear they needed the services of a Business ByDesign consultant to help sort things out.


Kirsty Williford knew what she needed and InCloud Solutions were able to come in and re-configure the existing Business ByDesign ERP to her requirements. She now has visibility across all on-going projects which she describes as “100% better than before.” With new layers of approval added in alongside the correct coding, Project Managers are now able to control their own costs, which translates into much greater accountability – things are simpler for the finance team too!


“InCloud Solutions helped us streamline how we do things”

IRIS Service Delivery UK now have access to on-going support from InCloud Solutions via the Key User Agreement which will take care of all their future requirements.


At InCloud Solutions, we were able to help Iris gain visibility into their projects using the expertise of  our highly experienced team. We welcome the chance to tackle such challenges and pride ourselves on the reliability and integrity of our service.


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