Most of us have woken up to the new reality that our relationship with our customers is changing. In many ways they are now running the show. Our job is to understand that.

Customers have a wider range of choices than ever before – almost everything the world has to offer is now just a click away. They can take their pick in their own time and from a position of strength having researched everything online before they get to you.

Who turns up in a car show room by chance and allows the guy talk him into a sale? We are far more likely to decide in our own time when we need a new car – then we talk to our peers, chat on Facebook or twitter and utilise every consumer tool that’s out there to arm ourselves with the best information possible. THEN we approach the vendor.

This is how things work now, which means that if you are going to differentiate yourself from the person with the cheapest offering then you have to offer something more and that could easily be customer service.

The quickest route to great customer service is to invest in Customer Relationship Management Software or CRM. Most people know something about CRM and many are keen to trade up from paper based records to accessing something that stores their data in the cloud. But a startling number think CRM begins and ends with sales. Recent research from the company found that the top requested CRM application was sales automation with 81% putting it top of their list.

Many people shopping for CRM want software that will manage their sales contacts with only 31% realising the potential of automated marketing and only 14% thinking about how it can help with customer service.

We think they are missing a trick.

CRM solutions are so much more than a sales database. For example #SAP’s Cloud for Customer allows you to…

  • Boost efficiency in the field by giving sales teams access to lead nurturing data and customer history from across the sales pipeline
  • Keep in touch with all your information in real time via mobile apps on the move
  • Respond to customer queries as they come in on any communication channel
  • Resolve issues on the first attempt
  • Increase customer satisfaction by knowing more about them
  • Reduce overall costs by increasing efficiency

So when you start to think about investing in CRM software to give your sales team a helping hand, think Cloud For Customer from SAP because it integrates the help you need for your sales team in the field with automated marketing such as e-mail campaigns and the all important customer service that keeps them coming back.

By providing great service at every point you turn one-time customers into multiple-time customers who will want to spread the word – and the most effective way to grow and scale your organization is to create brand advocates who will spread your message for you.

If you would like to know more about Cloud For Customer from SAP and the experienced team that can implement it – then please give us a call at In Cloud Solutions 01628 876723  – we would be happy to help. Or visit our website to find out more about the product.