What are the questions manufacturers ask about digital ERP?

Ninety percent of business leaders in any industry right now are asking how they can get ahead in the digital economy and in manufacturing the impact is going to be greater than anywhere. Yet only 25% of these forward thinking leaders have plans to do anything about it! More often than not this is down to confusion about what digital change actually means.

Taking the Plunge

At its most basic embracing digital for manufacturing means abandoning spreadsheets and cumbersome manual processes for smarter joined up systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) but it can also include, at the top end, embracing smart factory technology which hooks everything up to the Internet of Things.

The harsh truth is that the clock is ticking and many businesses are already reaping the rewards of their digital rethink.

So how can manufacturers get ahead before it’s too late?

Here’s a list of the top 10 questions we get asked by manufacturing businesses like yours so you can take the next steps towards growth and profitability. Don’t be like this dog – get the whole picture – don’t settle for a partial view.

1. By how much can I expect to increase my revenues if I embrace technology such as cloud based ERP and other digital improvements?

Across all sectors, companies who have embraced the digital world register real gains in shareholder and stakeholder value. Typically they boost revenues by 9%, increase profitability by 26% and gain 12% in market valuatio

n. The government’s Industrial Digital Review believes the sector as a whole can grow by 3% by embracing technological change.

SOURCE: Capgemini – The digital advantage – how digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry. 

2. How can I be sure that changes I make now won’t have to be repeated a few years down the line?

A cloud based ERP system like SAP Business By Design has been created to grow with you – you can add in users and even subsidiary companies as you expand. Updates are automatically fed through from SAP, so you don’t need an IT team on site to keep you running the latest version

3. Why do I hear business owners saying it has not worked for them?

The most common reason companies don’t see results from their digital strategy is a failure to execute it properly. It is not always comfortable for manufacturers to have to re-think their processes but it is this re-imagining work that creates the opportunities for new efficiencies. By choosing a partner with a reputation for always following through you can be sure that the rewards will be there for you. *

4. My customers have always been happy with the way we do things, what has changed?

Today consumers expect a new type of experience: one that is frictionless and seamless, and where the technology is invisible. They expect it because they are already getting it when they click to shop, open an app, or get a cab. It is up to you to offer it too or find yourself on the sidelines.

5. Innovation is a big buzz word right now but how do I find time to think when we are flat out just doing what we do best?

The new digital leaders are everywhere – from PayPal to Uber and Airbnb. They took the time to look afresh at the traditional business landscape before ripping up the rule book and starting again. Manufacturers can too with time saving software and automation that streamlines everyday tasks and gives you the agility to experiment.

6. Digital is for start ups and rock star companies like Apple and Google – what has it got to do with my mid sized manufacturing firm?

Any company of any size in any sector can benefit from a digital first mindset. From offering customers a better experience in the public sector to giving them more choice from your range of products – digital improvements such as cloud based ERP can help you be more efficient whether in the factory or office. SAP Business ByDesign is a robust cloud ERP solution for the manufacturing industry.

7. My staff won’t tolerate any more change – what can I do about it?

Do you remember the days of fax machines and type writers? When computers first came in did you survive? But you’re right, buy in from your team is vital if you are going to make change work and the drive to make it work has to come from you. Manufacturers like you will find that good leadership and great vision will stand you in good stead in the journey ahead.

8. We don’t have the budget for change – how can we afford to transform?

It doesn’t actually have to cost the earth. Starting with a digital first mindset you may decide you need new technology to help you create efficiencies and realise your digital goals. In which case you can run an ERP system like SAP Business ByDesign for as little as £131 per user per month and because it is in the cloud there is no need for expensive infrastructure

9. My team are often on the road, and some want to work from home, how can new technology help make them more efficient when they are not in the office?

A cloud based system is accessible from anywhere, so staff can access customer data, place orders and check inventory from mobile, laptop or tablet, while they are on the move.

10. We operate in a very regulation heavy environment and we need to make sure we are always compliant – our reputation depends on it.

Integrated ERP like Business by Design from SAP keeps manufacturers compliant with the regulations whichever country you are in and offers traceability of ingredients and components from the moment they enter your premises to the moment they leave your doors.

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