Professional Service Agencies – you’re great at putting on a show, but are your backstage business processes letting you down?

What are the 2 Biggest Challenges you face today?

As an executive it’s your job to care about the bigger picture, making sure you look after your people and bring in revenue from the moment a new client signs on the dotted line. So when was the last time you looked at your back office systems and business software? Can you be sure it is doing what it is supposed to? Does it join up the dots and make you more efficient or does it leave everyone in tears?

Challenge 1 –

Get rid of the software jumble you’ve picked up along the way and find something that keeps records and drives processes in the most efficient way.

Then there’s your staff, they are brilliant at being creative but when it comes to filling in billable hours or getting expenses approved, they’re fed up with frustrating, clunky systems that slow them down.

Challenge 2 –

Find something well designed and efficient that you and your staff can use instinctively wherever they happen to be.

That is why we at InCloud Solutions, would like to introduce you to Business by Design – a complete business software suite based in the cloud which has a mobile app as standard so your staff can use it on the go.

Executives will be impressed by its functionality, allowing you to carry out a host of admin tasks including approving transactions and expense wherever you happen to be.

SAP Business By Design is created in the cloud – so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Attractive and easy to use it is based on a robust and accurate financials package that your finance team will thank you for.

SAP Business By Design allows you to assign tasks against accounts, check which parts of your business are profitable and where you are over serving – you can even find out how staff are utilising their hours and then generate accurate reports. Use our project time recording function or we can integrate the time management system you already use.

InCloud Solutions have a proven track record of working with companies to understand their specific needs and our expert consultants can customise the software to make your life more efficient.

From the second a client’s name is first mentioned to the moment you send out the invoice, InCloud Solutions will work with you to make sure you are getting the best from your business.

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