Challenging times

Public sector leaders are facing challenging times – the relentless pressure on tight resources is being matched by unprecedented levels of customer expectation. Demands for greater transparency and stricter accountability are running alongside endless changes in reporting and funding regulations.

Many organisations now have islands of legacy information which are not integrated into a single IT landscape, resulting in inefficient operations, inaccurate data and inadequate support for strategic decision making.

Digital technology is often hailed as the answer but how viable is it for cash strapped midsize and smaller public sector entities?

The answer is – very.  

Time to Embark on a Digital Strategy

The public sector is at a cross roads facing almost limitless opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings. By embarking on a digital strategy you can; 

·       Save Money

·       Save Time

·       Improve processes and reporting

·       Increase Customer Engagement

 Making the best use of the latest technology in the public sector.

Whether you are in local government, education or research you can benefit from software which combines standard finance reporting functions with features specific to the public sector. Regular updates will allow you to keep on top of any changes in regulations helping to future proof your system. With embedded analytics you can access your data more easily and get a clearer view of how to improve both your cost effectiveness AND your service to customers.

It’s a journey already taken by Dr. Odile Leroy, Executive Director of the European Vaccine Initiative who chose Business ByDesign from SAP to run her public sector unit.

 Business ByDesign multiplies the capabilities of our finance and project teams while improving the efficiency of critical processes and reporting. By reducing the time spent on administration, we can concentrate more on scientific activities that can advance the development of lifesaving vaccines.”

You can find out more about digital business software for the public sector, like Business By Design, by visiting our public sector page. InCloud Solutions is listed by the government as a Crown Supplier offering cloud services to government, schools, hospitals and charities. Together, we can help you to build a better digital future.