SAP, a leading voice in the current wave of technology change has released an important new survey into Digital Transformation.  Supported by Oxford Economics, they’ve spoken to more than 3,000 executives in 17 regions around the world in one of the biggest surveys of its kind.

Key findings reveal;

·       84% say digital transformation is critical to their survival in the next five years.

Of the top 100 or so companies that report the most transformation:

·       85% say they’ve seen increased market share

·       80% say their efforts have increased profitability

·       Expect to see more revenue growth over the next two years than the rest of the organizations surveyed.


Those getting the most out of the process have a digital first mindset, which places greater emphasis on changing the company as a whole by improving digital skills and increasing employee engagement.

These companies have four things in common;

  1. They are focused on true transformation. 96% of the leaders say digital transformation is a core business goal, compared to 61% percent of all others.
  2. They transform customer-facing functions first. 
  3. They are driven by talent.
  4. They invest in next-generation technology.

So far only 3% have completed company-wide transformation efforts, so there is still time.

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