In a business world dominated by acronyms and buzzwords, ERP joins Digital Transformation, Big Data and the Internet of Things as one of the most popular in business speak today. But what does it actually mean? Here’s a basic rundown in answer to the question – What Is ERP?

Any business moving beyond the start-up phase and into growth will quickly get to the point where they need to streamline things.

As order books grow and staff numbers rise, complexity inevitably starts to creep in. Your supply chain may become more complicated as you add in new lines or your financials may get tricky as you find yourself trading in several different currencies across different trade and tariff regimes.

This is where Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP comes in. At its most basic it is business software made up of integrated applications that can run many different aspects of a business.

ERP software integrates everything from; product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. There is a single database, often in the cloud, which means multiple users can access the same data from multiple platforms e.g. Pc, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Your ERP will actually automate many of your basic back office functions, freeing up existing staff and management to concentrate on other matters such as strategy and winning new business.   

Some examples of ERP software systems include Business ByDesign from SAP, NetSuite, Sage ERP, Microsoft Dynamics GP and SYSPRO.

InCloud Solutions recommends Business ByDesign which we believe to be the best system available and works on a cloud subscription model.

Benefits of a cloud model include the fact that there is no need for data to be stored on the premises, not need for IT specialists and all users paid for by subscription.

Now different business units can have access to the same data in real time and crucially executives can see the data they need at any time to make vital profit making decisions.

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