I’m so chuffed to introduce you to my brand new podcast. It’s called the Growth Business and it’s a chance to dig into some of the issues that come up when you’re running a business or even simply working for one. In my daily life as a marketer for tech company InCloud Solutions I am constantly wondering what makes a company a great company – what makes a good boss and what’s the difference between that and a leader? And honestly – why are so many employees disengaged – that’s going to be a great episode I can’t wait for you to hear.  One issue close to my heart is what stops companies doing more to replace boring tasks with technology – does anyone know? To stop my head fizzing with all this stuff and making me unproductive I decided to go out and find some answers. The great people I’ve met and the interviews I’m still conducting as a result have formed the basis for this podcast.  I’ll tell you a secret – I didn’t set out to make a podcast but I am so glad I did.

If you don’t know me already and quite frankly why should you – I am Lucy Thorpe – I write all the blogs for InCloud Solutions who are the UK’s experts in SAP technology for mid size companies Business ByDesign. 

It’s great to have you along. Please do subscribe to The Growth Business podcast so you can get hold of the first episode when it drops.