What does a sustainable business future look like?

Anyone paying attention right now can’t fail to see the way capital is flowing away from old school industries towards green alternatives – look at the money being invested in plant based “meat” for example.

In this episode I am joined by futurist and passionate sustainability advocate Tom Raftery to discuss the future of business from a green perspective.

Tom and I discuss the need for companies of all sizes to monitor and report on their carbon emissions and the way big tech companies like SAP are helping them do that. Plus we dig into the “everything as a service” economy to find out how it is serving the sustainable business future.

And if you like cars, there’s a lot of chat about what they are going to look like in the future. Did you know that your car company will pay your tolls and fines for you? Too good to be true? Listen in to find out!

You can hear more from Tom  at tomraftery.com/podcasts