Doing Business in Lockdown

Some are winning, many are losing as we continue to navigate the strangest trading conditions we have ever known. Lockdown has been going on for 6 weeks now and none have suffered more than retail with high streets and shopping malls closed. Yet many shops have done well and it’s not just supermarkets. Retail organisations with strong e-commerce arms are weathering the storm and learning valuable lessons about themseleves.

In this epsiode e-commerce veteran David Kohn talks to Lucy about what’s going on at high end furniture store Heals. What has surprised him about trading in lockdown and how do we get back to something that resembles normal?  Will high street shopping ever be the same again. In this wide ranging conversation we find out how a major retailer manages when their stores are closed, we look at the future of fast fashion and what Project Re-start might look like.

As usual we thank InCloud Solutions for making the podcast possible, I hope you enjoy this chat with David Kohn.