Strategically Leveraging Intelligent Technologies – The Opportunity for Midsize Firms to Become Intelligent Enterprises.

Companies of all sizes continue to adapt to the digital economy, looking for new and more efficient ways to drive revenue, empower employees, and respond to customer needs. CEOs, presidents, and business owners in midsize companies (who we will refer to as CEOs for brevity) face special challenges: they often lack the resources of larger firms but don’t have the flexibility/agility of smaller ones.

The disruptive business changes of today impact the entire organization: changing customer engagement preferences, innovative remote working, options, and new ways key information is captured and used.

Only the CEO can provide the strategic guidance to support effective investment, staff encouragement, and process reinvention. CEOs in best-run companies empower focus on higher-value tasks, improved decision making, and exploration of new business models to achieve financial goals.

IDC conducted a survey of 1,957 midsize firms (with 100-1,000 employees) worldwide to identify key factors associated with business success
and measure progress towards becoming a best-run, digitally-engaged company. Four groups emerged based on performance: Laggards, Survivors, Strivers, and Best Run (for more details refer to the overview report: Becoming a Best-Run Midsize Company).

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