Recoding Business in 2021

We’re kicking off the new year with a great guest – which is just as well because new lockdown restrictions are very triresome! Nonetheless the rapid changes we’ve witnessed lately are all part of a piece – from health crisis and climate emergency to rapid technology change, the rise of small business and the creation of  totally new markets. These are all addressed by thought leader and bestselling author Peter Fisk in his new book Business Recoded.

I’ve been following Peter for several years, ever since his last book, Gamechangers came out. He has a way of distilling the essence of business change while drawing on an encyclopedia of examples and his new book is just as brilliant.

We talked about a lot of things, from his beginnings as an astro physicist, to the coming of age of digital technology. We deviated via Einstein’s wife who did all his maths for him to the idea of small businesses as speed boats circling the supertankers of big business. It was a great ride and I hope you will listen all the way to the end!

You can contact Peter at his consultancy The Genius Works. 

He’s a great business speaker as well as business author and thought leader. Follow him on social media!

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