Digital, Corona Virus & Business Change

“Don’t be caught out like this again!” – that’s the message from my guest Charles Bennett who speaks for everyone who did not have their digital ducks in a row when Corona virus hit. Anyone who had to scramble to get their home working set up may have wished they’d looked at digital sooner. Now what was merely a trend to digital has become an avalanche.

As a global cloud development expert for SAP and very knowledgeable business coach, Charles is well placed to talk about the speed of business change we are now witnessing and how best to do something about it. I loved talking to Charles about connecting with customers, necessity being the mother of invention and his superstar turns on YouTube with an interactive whiteboard.

He also introduced me to a fabulous quote from  Thomas Lah 

Helping sells. Selling doesn’t help.

Please enjoy the podcast – it’s short but full of really useful information! And if you feel that the time is now for digital – we can help!