The In Cloud Difference is what sets us apart from other ERP consultants. There is so much choice there’s a danger of spending all your research time on looking at the features of very similar cloud ERP products & forgetting to choose the team that will make your project work.

I was reminded of this fact at a recent webinar looking at some of the best cloud based ERP for mid sized business.

Of course, when you are looking for flexibility, visibility and fantastic real-time reporting it is hard to beat SAP Business ByDesign. But if we are honest, Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite are pretty good too. We can argue at a granular level about which is the best and for whom but I am proposing something much more radical.

Take it as read that the software is going to perform as it is supposed to and instead spend some time looking at the partner you are choosing to work with and what they are offering you.

“The sales team were pretty persuasive” you say, “they made it sound like the answer to all our efficiency prayers – the particular partner really doesn’t count does it – surely they just implement and go?”

If this is what you truly believe then your ERP project is doomed to failure.

A Good Partner is Vital

The partner you choose to work with can make or break your project which is why you need to meet them and ask lots or questions – in order to build up a real rapport.

A good partner will not;

  • Sell hard and fast and then move on
  • Walk away without offering you support
  • Let you struggle to use the solution because your end users have not been shown how

On the contrary – a really good partner will;

  • Sit down with you and work out what your current business processes are
  • Really dig into whether these are the most efficient you can be
  • Look at your plans for the future so you choose the right functionality for your needs
  • Advise against their own product if it doesn’t suit you
  • Support you long into the future after you go-live

The In Cloud Difference

InCloud Solutions makes it a point of differentiation to offer an on-going long-term partnership with customers. When customers know that we are in it together they have the confidence to invest in the future – learning as much about the solution as they can to get the most out of the technology for their company and end users. They understand the value of on-going support which includes a dedicated customer support desk, an account advisor to explain updates and accelerate matters with SAP, plus user days and conferences.

Why waste money?

The tragedy is that customers who buy from people who sell hard and offer no support tend not to use the solution they have invested in. They don’t feel involved and they don’t know how it works. This is a total waste of time and money. The upshot is that they usually have to start over again with someone else. Consider this – the people who start using their solutions straight away get tangible business benefits from the get go. Thus it makes no sense to work with a company who is going to walk away the moment the software is in.

High Praise

Don’t take the risk. Find a partner who makes a point of sticking around. We were told recently by one of our customers who is one of the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 – that they have never before come across the kind of on-going customer care that we offer within the ERP world. They see our service as exceptional – to us this is standard.

“Whenever we have an issue or a problem In Cloud are always more than happy to help and if they can’t answer it there and then they will go away and find an answer and come back which is good.”

Liona Ripley JayBe

“Having in Cloud on board to help us use the system is a great help.”

Selina Moe TasteTech

The In Cloud Difference checklist

Here is the In Cloud difference in a nutshell;

  • Integrity – we do what we say
  • Service Excellence – every client satisfied
  • Collaboration – We work as a team with you
  • Innovation – we work with you to make the complex simple (extend & customise if required)
  • Passion – we believe in what we do and have the experience to back it up

We build;

  • Long term relationships
  • We always deliver
  • We work together with you
  • We have the experience to get the job done right first time

The in Cloud Difference is the combined result of our Talent, Experience, Methodology & Delivery.

When you choose to work with InCloud Solutions our expertise comes as standard. We are a Platinum level SAP partner with senior membership of the international United VARs network. We have 15 dedicated Business ByDesign Consultants – more than any other partner in the UK as well as 4 in-house developers working on bespoke apps and extensions for you.

To see the In Cloud difference for yourself drop Caroline an email at [email protected]