The Growth Business Podcast is a year old

I’m so happy to bring you this Christmas Special. It’s nearly a year since I started it in conjunction with InCloud Solutions and we certainly picked the year to do it! I set out with the intention of exploring business issues in a relatable way, looping back towards business technology and its benefits as we went. What transpired was a year in which rapid digital change needed no introduction. It crashed onto centre stage like a toddler bursting through the door while you’re on a zoom call.

Rapid Change

For some it was a time of rapid change as 6 years of digital advancement was forced on us almost overnight. For those of us already taking an interest in digital change it was an exciting time. For others it was scary as they struggled to get everything in place AND keep their customers lights on.

Charting a course

Hopefully we’ve helped you chart a course through this turbulent year or at least been there to chat about everything from how to market in a crisis to humorous cartoons. I’ve chatted to some great guests offering their advice, their ideas and often just sharing their experiences as we all tried to work it out.

Being human

Many of them talked about how much they’d enjoyed seeing business develop a more human face, allowing space for compassion and humour and the fact that we all make mistakes.

So here is a 15 minute edit of our best bits from episodes throughout the year – I hope you enjoy it and plan to join me in 2021!