Is The Cloud Right For You?

Cost-effective and flexible – the cloud gives you access to all your data and processes wherever you are. With so many of us working from home now, it is very hard to make a case against it.

Cloud Pros and Cons

Take our company for example. During lockdown, we have been holding all our internal meetings online. But even better – we have also been able do work for our clients remotely.  Client meetings, data uploads and even project kick offs can all be done via an internet connection – which has meant no delays to scheduled ERP projects.

Cloud fits very well with the way we work now and many more businesses will be wondering about moving ahead with cloud projects.

But none the less we do get asked “What is the downside of cloud?” So here goes…


Since cloud computing is internet-based, downtime does happen.  But internet capacity has proved pretty resilient during this crisis so it’s still looking like the odds are in your favour.

Data Security

With cloud, your data is not kept on your own premises, so you must trust your provider to take care of it for you. The well known names can be relied on to keep data safe in their data centres which they own and maintain. Small and midsize businesses without access to IT specialists are often very grateful to have this headache taken care of for them. But if you are nervous, most vendors provide information about security – e.g. SAP has an entire website – the Trust Center – about cloud security, privacy, and compliance.

Expert Help

Some organisations fear loss of control over their business processes. But when you work together with your trusted partners to scope and implement your system, you are not handing over control but rather inviting in experts who can help and advise you.

You will get valuable advice on the most efficient way of organizing your processes based on the best practice of thousands of companies like yours. If you work with your advisors you will  get an ERP system that pays for itself in efficiencies.

Support with Technical Issues

You may need support with your cloud system at times, if technical issues arise.  If you have signed up with a reputable  vendor who offers a good support package then you will always know what to do and who to call.

Partners – like InCloud Solutions – who work with SAP are very useful here, as their contacts can help you escalate problems swiftly. In many instances, they can assist you directly via their own help desks. We have made our help desk top priority during lock down as current customers always come first.

Switching providers

Cloud companies know that you can switch providers more easily with cloud than with on-premise systems, so you will be  well looked after and offered good service so you have no reason to stray. Enjoy the quarterly updates and educational events. If you are not getting great treatment, you might not be with the right partner.

Cloud Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Ease of use
  • Backup and recovery
  • Offsite access

A good cloud service provider will offer business advice going into implementation and support afterward. You are, in effect, getting the benefits and expertise of an IT department without having to have one of your own.

So, lockdown need not stop the music and cracking on with cloud projects means a stronger more resilient organisation if such a thing should happen again in the future.

InCloud Solutions is a cloud-first company dedicated to working closely with businesses in all sectors. The company focuses on SAP Business ByDesign, the all-in-one cloud ERP for the mid-market.