Finance Technology is booming!

There has never been a better time to buy user-friendly finance applications. Built around the changing needs of you, the customer, cloud technology has made a new generation of products possible. Whether it’s fast financials, distribution or project centred software – solutions are being created just for you.

But many buyers are still nervous about taking the plunge. Barriers range from nerves about the length of time it takes to see value from finance tools, to concerns about implementation time and costs.  That’s why we think you will appreciate a product that takes away the guesswork – delivering robust basic functionality quickly, out of the box & at a predictable price.

InCloud Express Financials is strong, fixed-cost financial software – implemented in a month and based on the best cloud ERP solution for mid-sized business, SAP Business ByDesign.

“InCloud Express Financials is a new breed of fixed cost fast solution allowing your finance team to close faster, saving time and money every time.”

We think you will be impressed by the comprehensive set of financial processes on offer.

Here’s 10 Key Financial capabilities you’ll have access to straight out of the box – then read on for 10 Tech Tools Finance Staff will Love while saving you time & money. This list has been compiled by our own Finance Team who use SAP Business ByDesign every day – so they know what they are talking about!

Top 10 Benefits of InCloud Express Financials

  1. InCloud Express Financials gives you a single view of company financials by integrating core business processes with financial performance.
  2. Meet global reporting standards – like the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and the International Accounting Standard (IAS).
  3. Experience accelerated period-end closing processes
  4. Get more efficient management of payables, receivables, inventory, and liquidity.
  5. Accurately forecast cash flow by incorporating data from customer- and supplier-facing business processes.
  6. Gain better control over cash availability.
  7. Real-time analytics for better management decisions.
  8. Provide stakeholders with reports via enhanced reporting tools.
  9. Manage general ledger accounts for multiple operating units.
  10. Transparent Audit Trail

It’s important that users love the system too. So here as promised are the…

10 Tech Tools our Finance Team would not be without.

  1. No reconciliation effort within accounting – peace of mind when you close quickly and with high levels of accuracy.
  2. Closing Cockpit – A user-friendly checklist of tasks at period end. Allows you to allocate tasks – tailor to-do items to your own business and never miss a thing.
  3. Multi-GAAP accounting – stay on top of the increase in accounting information requirements.
  4. Open and close accounting periods within the General Ledger – keeps you in control and prevents posting into older periods.
  5. Open Item Management allows you to match off balance sheet items and just run reports on outstanding items. Useful for prepayments, accruals and any other accounts that need tight control eg intercompany. Avoid scrolling through pages and pages of spreadsheets!
  6. Automation of payment and clearing processes helps to reduce error and minimize costs.
  7. Simplify fixed asset and inventory counting with current and accurate valuations.
  8. Better manage cash and liquidity with integrated forecasting tools.
  9. Create employee policies to monitor expenses and manage reimbursements.
  10. Streamlines tax reporting with robust reporting capabilities.

When you give your finance team the tools they need to do the job, we predict they’ll be thanking you for making their lives easier. Find out more about InCloud Express Financials  and how it can help your fast growing business become more efficient by clicking on the bold text and enjoy the video below.

Don’t wait to find out more – if you think you could benefit from InCloud Express Financials call 01628 876723 or drop us a line and we will put you in touch with an expert consultant. Start your journey to faster financials here here [email protected]