There will be no stopping the rise of the digital economy in 2017 – we are at a truly pivotal time for business and technology and no sector is immune. The good news is that the opportunities are huge.

Analytics, mobile apps, social networks, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are quickly turning traditional business models upside-down.

According to Frank Gens, senior vice president and chief analyst of the global market intelligence firm IDC.

“Smart connected products and digital services are set to transform every industry, driving materially higher growth than traditional product and service lines, and enabling exciting new scale and pace of innovation in supply chains, distribution networks and customer engagement.”


Expectations among customers are high and those catching the digital wave can expect improvements in competitiveness as they create products, services, and delivery models that bring value to customers and the business.

So you know about digital. What other trends are going to be driving business in 2017? Here’s a quick rundown.

·       Cloud services will continue to gain momentum

·       Mobile is a no brainer

·       Security is more important than ever as the threat landscape expands

·       Information sharing across sectors and silos will continue

·       The Internet of Things will evolve to support the next phase of digital

·       Big Data will get bigger as people realise the value of their information

·       The customer reigns supreme making a streamlined user experience vital in 2017

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