InCloud Solutions is delighted to celebrate with BHS the success of its re-launch as an online retailer based on a new technology platform which we helped design and build within just eight weeks.

Based on a foundation of SAP and Hybris, it was designed, configured and developed by BHS, InCloud Solutions and Greenlight Commerce.

Starting with lighting in September 2016, quickly added to its portfolio with new lines including kitchen, dining ware and clothing.

The new online platform is one of the most customer-friendly in the retail sector.  Customers can order and checkout in just two clicks as well as being able to log onto the website on one device (like a mobile phone) and continue shopping on another (e.g. laptop or tablet.) 

The UK online platform is tightly integrated with the SAP system that supports the BHS International business. It delivers enhanced functionality that will enable improved operations and information sharing with BHS International’s trading partners as the company continues to develop its product and service offer to its international partners.

“We set out to build an architecture that would scale and would not need to be redeveloped further down the line as the business expands,” says Tony Perks, interim CIO and CTO, BHS International.  “We had the advantage of starting out with a blank piece of paper when designing what has now become our ‘technology ecosystem’, based on the most efficient processes and the best customer experience possible.”  

“We had no legacy systems to worry about and we had the advantage of working with excellent partners who were as committed as we were to making this project a success within a short timeframe of eight weeks.  We were able to act as a nimble start-up but build industrial, enterprise strength systems using an agile approach with proven technologies including SAP and Hybris.”

David Anderson, Managing Director, BHS International, said: “We needed to act quickly to relaunch the brand in the UK to ensure we retained our loyal customer base and are delighted that we have done so with an extremely well thought through, user-friendly, future-proof and secure platform. 

“The new platform will support our growth as we approach the busy Christmas trading period and provides a fantastic experience for our customers.”

The new SAP platform will support back office operations for the BHS International franchise business as well as in the UK. relaunched on 29th September 2016

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