Manufacturing companies are always on the lookout for opportunities to expand and grow. It usually happens organically or via mergers and acquisition(M&A). You add new products or product lines or you sell more of what you already offer.

While product life cycles used to span decades, in many industries they have shrunk dramatically which means you need to be agile and move fast to make an impact. That is why it is more important than ever to have all your teams working together to create paths to growth. Having elements of your business occupy separate silos which don’t integrate or collaborate is no longer an option. Design must integrate with engineering – manufacturing must link to sales if you are to fulfill new orders with the customer in mind.

The pace of innovation and the growth of the internet have opened up the world as your marketplace. But complex global supply chains and global sales also require new levels of compliance – with for example, local accounting laws or working across multiple currencies.

To maximize these opportunities manufacturers are advised to leverage technology to help them simplify, manage, control and reduce risk. Speed and agility are of the essence – you no longer have years to build complex and expensive solutions – fully digitized competitors will be up and running before you are out of the starting gates.

This is where cloud ERP can help – you get the integration, transparency, and control that you need without huge capital outlay and it is very swift to implement. The access any time anywhere nature of cloud ERP means you can bring in geographically diverse users across remote sites quickly and easily.

There is no need for teams of techies or super users, this kind of user friendly ERP means your leading strategists and decision makers can get hold of the data themselves in real time so they can make rapid decisions which will positively impact growth.

Find out more about this new generation of cloud based ERP and enable efficient, high-quality production on the shop floor – put your customer first.