3 Things Fast Growing Companies Must Do to Ensure Growth

From start up to global player – we’re as ambitious for you as we are for ourselves and we know that with great ideas and a good team behind you the world is your oyster. But one thing that lets growing companies down is getting swamped under paperwork and spreadsheets. 

Here are the 3 things fast growing companies need to do if you are going to scale up and thrive into the future. 

Clear away the clutter and pave the way for growth…

Adopt a single repository for your data. It’s tempting to build up your business technology bit by bit with an accounting programme here and a CRM system there but before you know it you have to log on to 5 different systems to find out what’s going on. What if you had one single source of truth – with all your data and transactions in one place and a single sign on for everything?

Automate simple tasks and free up time for strategy and creativity

Imagine the amount of time you could save by automating the processes you already do manually. If you automated your invoices for example you could say goodbye to weekly or monthly billing cycles – instead there would be nothing to stop you from billing as soon as the work was completed – and with all your data in one place you can see what’s overdue and send out reminders.  

Automating your workflow saves you time on manual tasks leading to money savings and happy employees. 

Get Cloudy and increase your chances of efficiency

Owners of fast growing businesses are some of the busiest people we know – always on the go. How much easier if you could access all your company information from wherever you are – via mobile tablet or laptop? Cloud based business software lets you get hold of your company data from anywhere – all you need is an internet connection. With the right system in place your staff can take over some of those tasks and you can share information in real time so that you’re all speaking from the very latest version of events. Learn more about the 5 business benefits of scaling in the cloud.

This all sounds very attractive but how do you get there? We advise owners of fast growing companies to look out for a single business software solution, based in the cloud and built with you in mind. There are several out there, like SAP Business ByDesign – we are big fans. 

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