Cloud for Rapidly Growing Business

5 Business Benefits of Scaling with Cloud

Fast growing companies soon get to a point where they need standardised systems in place – we know, we’ve been there. It’s no longer enough to put the names of your clients into a spread sheet and your marketing plans on a white board – you need to invest in technology that will help you repeat your successes over and over again. In our view technology based in the cloud is what will allow you to scale up to the next stage.  

Choosing cloud can be a turning point in preparing for the future. You get a standardized system complete with automatic updates and minimum fuss, so your team can focus on strategy for the future, not maintaining complicated IT.  

1, Profitability

Your customers won’t know you’ve invested in cloud ERP, but they’ll notice the outcomes in terms of competitive pricing and innovative new products. Reasearch from the Aberdeen Group reveals that the organizations with the best customer experiences are likely to outpace their peers in profit margin growth by 527% a year, as well as 359% higher annual revenue growth. 

2, Reduced operating costs

ERP in the cloud isn’t just about reducing the cost of harware.  The Center for Global Enterprise states that adopting a digital supply chain cuts costs by 50%, reduces procurement by 20%, and increases revenue by 10%. 

3. Improved reputation

Forbes reports that up to 75% of a brand’s value is intangible and directly related to concepts like reputation and trust. Give your customers a reliable and predictable experience they can rely on and reap the rewards in enhanced reputation and trust.

4. Innovate with Emerging Technology

Intelligent cloud ERP is the digital core from which you can link into emerging technology like artificial intelligence and hyper-personalized products and services.  

5. Digitally driven growth

MIT Sloan Management Review reveals that companies with at least 50% or more digital ecosystem revenue achieve 32% more revenue growth and 27% better profit margins than their peers.

There is a strong business case for cloud – and now is the time to get informed as it will be harder to acheive the profit benefits once everyone has joined in. So get in the game and find out more about establishing a digital core. We specilaise in SAP Business By Design a software solution for fast growing business. Get in touch via our website today and we will book you a one to one consultation so you can find out if we would be a good fit for you.