Business ByDesign is Growing

Business ByDesign is our top selling solution – our fastest growing product and the solution we get asked about the most. It also happens to be the only solution we at InCloud Solutions sell – that’s how much we believe in it. Imagine a sweetshop that sold only chocolate – you’d have to be pretty confident that chocolate was the best candy you can buy – well that’s how confident we are. And we’re not going to keep quiet about it any longer.

The time has come to shout from the rooftops about Business ByDesign because the product really is that good.  Fast to implement, simple to use and easy to scale, Business ByDesign is a cloud based ERP system designed to appeal to the mid-market. It’s ideal for fast growing scaleups, companies that want to attract venture capital and buyers and also for subsidiaries. For many years it was considered to be one of the best-kept secrets in the SAP portfolio but the time for Business ByDesign is now. Demand for Business ByDesign is growing.

The History Bit

SAP Business ByDesign was born in the cloud over ten years ago when cloud was the brash newcomer and the arguments about cloud v on premise had not yet been won. This software as a service has never existed as anything else before which makes it uniquely fit for purpose.

Since its inception it has been deployed in more than 3,600 companies in 109 countries and customers are very happy.

Back in the day, before SAP Business ByDesign was born, SAP was known mainly for large on premise ERP systems designed for big enterprise – there was also a smaller offering for SME’s – SAP Business One. When cloud came knocking it might have been possible to move either one of these to the cloud but instead a decision was taken to do something new.

As Cindy Jutras says in her excellent report SAP Business ByDesign SAP’s Best Kept Secret

“Starting over allowed SAP to architect the solution specifically for

the cloud, drawing on acquired and organically developed leading edge

infrastructure. And even more importantly, SAP was able to draw on the

thousands of person years of experience accumulated by its staff in addressing the needs of the large enterprise.”

In fact both our founder directors had experience in creating Business ByDesign which contributes to their deep understanding of the product today.

Next came the investment in getting all ByDesign customers onto SAP’s latest technology assets: SAP’s HANA database and SAP’s industry leading FIORI HTML5 user interface. At that point Business ByDesign was ready to step out from the shadows and take centre stage – where it belonged.

Why now?

In answer to that question Rainer Zinow, Product Management for SAP Business ByDesign says;

“The global SME market is growing at a rapid rate. For SAP to support and sustain this trend, we need to provide – via our partners – a cloud-based ERP solution that meets the needs of that market. And that means removing complexity. We always knew we had a great product, now it’s getting the profile it deserves”

Business ByDesign is currently seeing success in a wide range of different industries including manufacturing, professional services, wholesale distribution, financial services, high tech and life sciences. What they all have in common is the need to stay flexible, streamlined and profitable in the face of challenging circumstances. In the UK we face productivity issues in manufacturing, questions over our trading status after Brexit and the ever- present challenge of disruptive business models. In many of these cases the answer is undoubtedly Business ByDesign.

The Digital Challenge

Every business needs to ask itself whether it is doing enough to rise to the digital challenge. It is surprising how many well-established businesses have not actually gone much further than getting a website that looks ok on a mobile phone.

There is still so much to be done with digital, from the automation of routine tasks, to getting your data to really work for you. According to a major survey by Panorama Consulting, the number one benefit enjoyed by businesses introducing ERP was the simple availability of information. The ability to access your own data in a usable form can’t be underestimated. 58% of the survey said it was the main benefit followed by improved productivity and efficiency along with the integration of business operations.

All these are reasons why demand for Business ByDesign is growing. Because it is a product that meets these needs now by leveraging both digital and cloud technology to enable business to grow, both now and well into the future. InCloud Solutions are committed to this product – get in touch here and find out how we can help you.