Cloud is no longer the new kid on the block – Cloud has gone mainstream.  According to a survey of business and IT executives conducted by Oxford Economics, companies are moving more and more business functions into the cloud, with 95% now using cloud technology in some form.

But are those who have installed cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) using the power under the hood? Are they taking the opportunity to create radical change and what’s more – are you?

According to the Oxford Economics survey, 39% of businesses say the cloud HAS spurred them to develop new business processes. So instead of allowing cloud to let them do what they have always done but just a little bit faster, they have seized the opportunity to transform their business by entering new markets – developing new products and services and using the technology to collaborate with partners and suppliers. But the figures suggest that the majority are still missing out.

The 1st generation of cloud technology made IT more flexible – but information was still kept in individual silos. Now you can connect all your data and that of your partners seamlessly and efficiently and many companies are using these systems to automate processes and interactions – eliminating waste and freeing up considerable amounts of time and money to expand, re-invest and crucially look to the future and strategize.

And there is more to come over the next 3 years in the shape of unified cloud platforms which will simplify everything from application development to the launch of new products and services.

This is how IT has transformed its role, become pivotal, profitable and strategic. 69% or respondents to the Oxford Economics survey credited cloud with re-shaping IT into a strategic business partner while 63% credited it with transforming IT into a profit centre.

More results from the survey show that switched on businesses are using the cloud to;

  • Power new ideas
  • Engage with customers and partners
  • Increase their agility
  • Improve business outcomes

So the cloud is actually powering new ideas and creating new opportunities making now the time to re-appraise how we do things from the board room to the stock room. Can we afford not to?

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