Humans are big dreamers and we’ve long had a vision of connected digital business where data tells us stories and technology helps us decide what to do.

Well now that reality is here and the technology has caught up. The connected Intelligent Enterprise is within our grasp – the question is, will you have the foresight to apply it? Time to look at what lies beyond ERP.

Here are just some of the treats in store;


See in the dark when you use the Internet of things to monitor and optimise business processes – collecting and connecting data from different silos across the organisation to recognise previously unseen patterns.


Use your data to simulate the likely outcomes of different business decisions so we can make the best use of our scarce resources.


Develop the agility to act swiftly and head off mistakes. Improve customer experience by preventing inaccurate invoices or late deliveries before they happen.

React fast to changing market trends and black swan events like a health pandemic.

Building towards self learning intelligent systems

Every company is in the process of becoming a data company – in fact, data it is the number 1 asset of the future and organisations are increasingly being valued by how well they collect it.

Your business technology can help. It will collect, store, process and visualise your data as well as automating repeatable processes and optimising for the future so that your workforce can get on with the rest of their jobs.

With AI and Machine Learning on the case and new real life scenarios like invoice matching, being developed all the time – you can create a road map for a future that stretches beyond ERP.


Join us for the Beyond ERP Event on June 17th

This event is designed to introduce you to how you can extend the value of an ERP or financial management system as you fast forward into the digital future. We will showcase how to leverage your data, processes and applications with leading-edge automation and digital workflow intelligence. Evaluate where you are on the digital roadmap and accelerate your transformation initiatives for a sustainable future!  In these 4 sessions we will go above and beyond!

Beyond Data

How do you mine existing data to drive business value and outcomes? In this session, we will demonstrate how to turn finance into the data engine room of your business.

Beyond Process

Find out how RPA (robotic process automation) augments finance and accounting processes to deliver speed and scale with automation and how to unlock the human potential to drive value.

Beyond Applications

Learn what companies are doing to enhance the traditional financial management or ERP interface with new workflows that extend from finance across the wider business, suppliers and employees.

Building Your Future Roadmap

As you look to fast forward your business into the digital future, innovation will play a vital role in automating, integrating, and increasing the intelligence of your business. This session will explore how you can introduce innovation and take you through a digital roadmap, so you can adopt a sustainable approach and deliver valuable business outcomes.

Join us from 10am -12.45 on June 17th

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