“Life Sciences is the most productive sector of the UK economy” Professor Sir John Bell

Opportunity Knocks

If you are a Life Sciences company you will be well aware of the possibilities opening up in your area. Life Sciences are our most productive sector and the government is throwing its weight behind making the most of the opportunities on offer.

Investors are on the look-out for interesting ventures and attractive tax breaks in Life Sciences could be on the cards. All the more reason then to make sure you have your digital ducks in a row.

Digital Drivers

Everything from patient records to X-rays will soon be available digitally along with data from a wide range of digital monitoring devices. As the sector develops further we will see the adoption of robotics and artificial intelligence along with totally new therapeutic approaches to disease, like gene and cell therapy. But such as cutting edge approach to the future requires an equally advanced approach to all back office business processes. No one can afford to spend valuable time wading through spreadsheets when it could be streamlined for end to end efficiency.

Cutting Edge Solutions

SAP Business ByDesign for Life Sciences is an industry specific solution created by InCloud Solutions to meet your needs as you scale. Built on SAP’s advanced SAP HANA in-memory platform, our solution is designed for growing companies in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries. Preconfigured to be rapidly deployable, growing life sciences companies can now have all the functionality they need – in as little as 3 months.
  • Save time and money automating repeatable processes
  • Comply with complex regulations across borders
  • Use our clever application to pay royalties & patents
Check out our video here – then get in touch for a “look and feel” demo or find out more about SAP Business ByDesign – cloud based ERP here E-mail [email protected]